Over a few short years, BlueRox developed from a volunteer based artist promotion foundation to a professional music production and promotion company.

From a focus on blues and jazz, we are now involved in all styles of music.

From a focus on Holland and Belgium, we now have business from Melbourne to Moscow and from Beijing to Boston.

From a small booking agent, we developed into:

  • A record label and distribution firm
  • A recording studio
  • A music production company
  • A text writing and translation service
  • Promotion material and campaign development
  • A video registration studio
  • Oh....and a small booking agency.

What didn't change is that we are still underpaid, understaffed and under-appreciated, but we do what we do with love and out of love for the one thing that makes our world worthwhile: Music. 

We stand behind our music and our family of artists 100% and try to bring some of the power and passion from their music across to your hearts, your souls and your stereos.