Denmark is hot when it comes to blues these days. The Darville Duo has been part of the Copenhagen blues scene from the very start and is well established as one of the leading acts in town. Their first album, titled "Perseverance" is a personal favorite with songs like "Early In The Morning" and "Bogotá". Not your average twelve-bar blues, but crafty compositions and catchy choruses.

The Darville Duo consists of Danish/American Jacques Darville and the Greenland-born Henrik "The Blueskimo" Schwiecker. With a combination of electric and acoustic guitar and wonderful vocal arrangements they deliver a special mix of different cultural influences and styles, creating an eclectic sound with the blues running through there as the only constant factor.

Jacques is a music graduate of Oakland University in Detroit, MI. Henrik started out as a tv producer and editor. By consistently honing his musical craft by playing in different groups in Copenhagen, he has become a strong vocalist and accomplished musician. Jacques and Henrik work great together, and they balance each other out magnificently, which is evident in their music, both live and on their studio recordings.

After a short break-up between 2009 and 2013 (due to circumstances beyond control), the duo has been back and is once again in full swing. With full backing band, with additional female vocals (with Danish X-factor celebrity), or as the charming duo that they started out as, Jacques and Henry deliver quality entertainment that may not blow the roof of the joint, but is guaranteed to fascinate their audience.